Garden Maintenance

Regular and Ad-Hoc Garden Maintenance

I will maintain your garden for you, freeing up your time to relax or do other things you enjoy.

Grass cutting
Lawn Mowing

We offer:

  • Regular garden maintenance for large gardens on a weekly year round basis
  • Ad-hoc garden maintenance either a one-off or periodically for example pruning, garden tidy or planting.

Our standard regular garden maintenance package includes:

  • Lawn mowing
  • Pruning
  • Weeding
  • Hedge trimming
  • Sweeping paths/patios
  • Winter maintenance: leaf clearance

Please check areas covered to see if where you live is included.

Hedge cutting
Hedge trimming

Garden Tidy

A one-off garden tidy may be needed to get a garden back into shape.
A tidy garden will look good and provide you with more enjoyment and then make ongoing garden maintenance easier, whether done by yourself or by others.

Spring Garden Tidy

A spring tidy gets your garden ready for summer and will typically include clearance of any remaining leaf litter, lawn mowing, pruning of shrubs, weeding and trimming any perennials that weren’t cut-back the previous autumn

 Autumn Garden Tidy

An autumn tidy prepares your garden ahead of winter: this may include clearing annuals from borders, emptying and cleaning pots and containers, pruning shrubs and trimming perennials unless you prefer them to be left for winter interest or wildlife habitat.

Raking leaves
Autumn leaves

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