Garden Preparation

If you have a mature garden and you are planning to alter the layout or part of it, then you may already be discussing your plans with a garden designer or landscaper, who I often work with.

Frequently when gardens are redesigned the existing plants (except for large trees) are cleared, back to a blank canvas. But, you may wish to keep your existing plants in the new design either in their current position or possibly move them around in the garden. Some of those plants may also need a little TLC in terms of pruning to get them back into a good shape too.

forking soil
Digging Fork

So ahead of the landscapers starting on site, the garden preparation works could include any of the following:

  • Clearance of plants no longer required
  • Moving plants to be kept – to either a temporary area whilst the landscaping works are done or to a new permanent position in the garden
  • Selective pruning of plants being kept
  • Treatment and clearance of weeds

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