Garden Refresh

Tulipa in border
Tulips in border


If you have a mature garden but the planting needs some attention then my Garden Refresh service is for you.

The existing planting may be overgrown, not to your current taste, perhaps the plants were there when you purchased your home or some are just looking past their best.

Gardens rarely stand still – they evolve.  So a garden refresh is a normal event in every garden.

The process is simple but needs your input, as it’s your garden:

  1. Garden Review – looking at the areas and the planting – your likes and dislikes of the current garden
  2. Garden Refresh Plan – looking at each area in turn what plants to keep to remove or remove.

The physical work that would follow could include pruning, moving plants to better positions in the garden, removing unwanted plants and planting new.

Remember most plants take 3-10 years to mature.  So whilst you will get immediate benefits from this service – the real benefits will continue year on year as the planting develops.

There may be some real gems already in your garden – but are hidden by other plants.  The garden review will seek to help you find these ornamental star plants.

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