When to prune

Pruning is a year round gardening task

Photinia Shrub

That doesn’t mean that each plant needs to be pruned all year round or plants can all be pruned at the same time.  It’s just that some plants should be pruned in Winter, some in Spring and others in Summer and Autumn.  Some plants may only need a single prune per year whilst others require to be pruned twice a year or more.

As a skilled gardener I can identify the plants , when the pruning should be done, where on the plant the pruning cuts should be made: whether it’s a maintenance cut or harder renovation.

The correct tools for pruning most plants are secateurs, loppers and a pruning saw.  The only exceptions to this are hedges and topiary where hedgetrimmers and hand shears may be used sometimes.

Judas Tree
Cercis siliquastrum

To get the best from the plants in your garden is not a once-a-year chop.

If you have an overgrown jungle that needs clearing then to get the best longer term benefits it may a couple of years, as some planting may need to be hard pruned just above ground level.  In some instances you may decide to remove and replace rather than wait and I can help with that too.

I discuss with my customers what they want from the garden and planting so that informs the work I do.  If the customer is unsure then either I make suggestions or largely I’m trusted to do what I think is best, given my experience.

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