Why Prune

Maintenance pruning

Plants will grow without pruning.  But very few ornamentals will continue to look their best, be healthy or last as long without pruning.

There are many reasons on why plants in your garden should be pruned:

  • Improve flower or fruit production
  • Remove any dead, damaged or diseases
  • Keep within bounds i.e. you don’t want the plant to become too big
  • Improve the shape and balance of the plant Some plants you may like their naturally size and shape, whilst others you may wish to clip to control size and shape e.g. box hedges
  • Thin and clear congested and weak growth to prevent diseases and maintain vigour
  • Remove flowers before seedhead forms to ensure plant conserves energy and produces more flowers, i.e. extends flowering
  • To promote young colourful stems for winter interest e.g. cornus (dogwood)
  • Create a trained shape (see specialist forms)
  • Renovate an old plant to promote strong new growth that will be more productive

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